Goodyear EfficientGrip Cargo 215/65R16 106H available in BURNTWOOD

EfficientGrip Cargo Van Tyre


EfficientGrip Cargo

EfficientGrip Cargo

The new Light Truck tire that can become your reliable partner – it takes you 10,000km further, saves fuel and delivers shorter braking distances on wet roads
Fully fitted price: £133.08


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Improved mileage, allowing you to drive further
New compound technology that increases wear resistance, mileage and improves wet braking for enhanced safety.
Better braking on wet roads, making your journey safer
Larger contact patch combined with thin radial grooves result in better wet grip and lower noise.
Increased fuel efficiency, saving you costs
Cooler cushion layer together with optimized construction, provide less heat generation and lower rolling resistance.





H (Max Speed: 130mph)

106 (Max Load: 950kg)